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Washing and detailing a car is a multistep process that makes cars thoroughly clean inside and out. It can dramatically improve a car's appearance, erase signs of wear and tear, improve the car's interior air quality and increase its resale value. Plus, when you have a car detailed, it helps protect its paint job and give it the smooth glossy finish it had when it was on the showroom floor. Having your car washed and detailed regularly gives you that new car feeling. And mobile car detailing makes the process more convenient for car owners in Chattanooga.

Advantages of Mobile Car Detailing

​​Our Chattanooga, Tennessee based mobile car wash services are more important and helpful than ever before. Plus, it can provide a wide range of benefits and advantages. Some of those benefits include:

  • Removing exterior dirt and grime without harsh chemicals
  • Eliminating scratches or ugly paint swirls
  • Use of very little water
  • Convenience of coming to any location you choose
  • Removing dirt, stains, germs and bacteria from your car's interior
  • Enhancing safety by rejuvenating headlights and steam cleaning engines
  • Protecting your car’s finish from environmental damage
  • Saving you time

Services Our Mobile Car Wash Company Offers

Our Chattanooga based mobile car wash company offers a wide variety of excellent car care services at very affordable prices. They include:

  • Interior Detailing
  • Ozone Treatment/Odor Removal
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Vacuuming And Steam Cleaning
  • Leather And Dashboard Treatments
  • Exterior Detailing
  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • Water Spot Removal
  • Paint Sealant
  • Wax
  • Headlight Restoration

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    worker hand washing the exterior side window

    Mobile Auto Detailing Services

    The mobile auto detailing process we use leaves both the inside and outside of any car looking great. Plus, it's convenient, comfortable, eco-friendly and protects the car's interior and exterior. The mobile car wash services that we provide include:

    Exterior Cleaning and Detailing

    Our mobile auto detailing company thoroughly washes, cleans and details the exterior of the car, restores its glossy finish, and leaves the outside of the car looking its best. We use detergents and degreasers to clean its body, undercarriage, windows, wheels, rims and tires and remove dirt, grease and blemishes. We thoroughly hand wash the exterior using a mild but powerful soap. We then dry it by hand using soft, absorbent chamois or microfiber cloths that quickly soak up the water, that are lint-free and don't leave marks or imprints.

    car with it's exterior being washed
    clay bar treatment by mobile car detailers

    Clay Bar

    We remove all traces of soap scum, watermarks, overspray and any other types of particles the washing and drying process didn't remove by using a clay bar. This is an engineered resin mixture which removes any contaminants and pollutants that are on the paint, glass, metal or fiberglass surfaces of the car. Made of natural or synthetic ingredients, detailing clay leaves your car looking like new and helps to protect its smooth, shiny finish.


    Made with special oils and solvents, the car polish we use helps fill tiny crevices exposure to the elements and the spinning brushes in commercial car washes can cause. The car polish we use helps seal the paint and protect the car's clear coat from tree sap, scratches, hazing, smears, stains and bird droppings. We use a top-rated car polish to give a car's finish long-lasting protection that will keep it looking great.

    mobile car detailer polishing the side door
    mobile detailer applying wax treatment to the paint

    Sealing the Paint

    The last step in the mobile car wash process is applying a sealant. This gives the car being detailed a glossy shine and provides a barrier of protection that helps prevent contamination from becoming embedded in your car's paint. This makes keeping your car clean much easier. Plus, it helps prevent dirt, tiny rocks, pebbles and other debris from damaging your car's paint job. Sealants also enhance the paint job's appearance, adds depth, sharper reflections and gloss to the car's finish and protects it from UV damage and oxidation.

    Interior Cleaning & Detailing

    Our mobile car wash services and detailing company thoroughly cleans and details your car's interior. Dirt, dust, stains and all types of spills can make your car's interior look and smell horrible. Our Chattanooga mobile car washing and detailing company has the tools, equipment and the cleaning solutions to deep clean the interior of your car. Using a combination of vacuums, brushes, steam cleaners and advanced techniques we can transform the interior of any car.

    The first step in the interior car cleaning and detailing process is to open the doors and the trunk. This helps to air out the stale, musty odors from the car and makes moving the vacuum cleaner through it much easier. Next, we remove any trash and large items and clean out all the nooks and crannies. We also take out the floor mats and the trunk liner and put them in a clean, dry spot so that they can be properly cleaned during the mobile car cleaning and detailing process.

    mobile auto detailer brushing the interior vents
    odor removal using an ozone treatment

    Deodorizing and Ozone Treatment

    Deodorizing your car's interior is the last step in cleaning and detailing it. To make sure the car smells fresh and clean, car detailers have several options. If the car had a foul odor that was difficult to remove, we could use an extra special odor eliminator that will make the offensive odor go away. We can also use pleasant smelling deodorizers you have selected. These non-toxic and non-allergenic products don't just mask off-putting odors, they eliminate them permanently. Available in liquid or spray form, they have your car smelling great for weeks. Lastly, we have the option of using an ozone treatment to remove those hard to eliminate smells.


    Vacuuming the entire car including the seat, mats, carpeting, glove compartment and the trunk is the next step. Our car detail experts thoroughly vacuum the seats, dashboard and the rest of the interior. We also vacuum the carpeting on the floor, under the seats and inside the trunk. Using special tools and compressed air, we will remove the dirt and stains from the nooks and crannies and other hard to reach places. We will also thoroughly vacuum the mats and trunk liner.

    mobile detailer vacuuming the auto interior
    detailer cleaning seats by scrubbing the leather

    Brushing / Scrubbing / Shampooing

    The upholstery, mats and carpeting will be carefully brushed and scrubbed to remove any stains, food residue and blemishes the vacuum cleaner couldn't remove. Stains, spills and discoloration are sprayed with an upholstery or carpet cleanser or a stain remover and scrubbed until clean. Using spray-on upholstery and carpet shampoo and a brush with stiff bristles, our detailers will clean one area of the car's interior at a time. The mats will be pre-treated and shampooed to remove dirt and stains. When the shampooing is done, your car's interior will be air dried completely before the mats are put back in.

    Wiping / Re-vacuuming

    Once the interior of the car has been cleaned, vacuumed and shampooed, we will then turn our attention to other surfaces that need cleaning and detailing. They include the dashboard, windows and door panels. Specially selected cleaning agents designed specifically for the materials those surfaces are made from will be sprayed or wiped on them. These types of cleaning agents have ingredients that help clean, enrich and protect the materials on which they are used. The cleansers will be vigorously rubbed on to the surfaces and allowed to dry and create a nice shine.

    mobile car washer wiping down the dashboard


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