Car Wax and Paint Sealant

Our Superior Car Wax and Paint Sealant Services

​​After all the cleaning, the car is given its final touches in car detailing. This can be a wax application or paint sealant. A paint sealant provides more durability than wax. It resists UV rays, heat, and detergents better thus maintaining your car’s paint job. Apart from the paint, a sealant also protects your wheels and other exterior surfaces even for months. It contains UV blockers that maintain shine, gloss and reflective aspects of your car’s finish. We can apply a sealant by hand or using a machine, and is normally applied before waxing. A knowledgeable mobile car detailer will advise you to use a water guard and gloss to maintain the paint sealant to prolong its life and keep it looking fresh.

Waxing can also be done to enhance the car paint. It enhances colors, fills minor defects, and gives the car a rich and deep look. When used on dark colored paint, it brings out additional dimension and depth, and on brighter colors, you will notice a rich and vibrant appearance. Waxes are extracted from plants hence are protective and glossy by nature and give an aesthetic enhancement.

Waxes contain polymers and oils that fill in valleys and peaks of the paint surfaces to create a glossier finish and a reflective surface. Waxing allows water to bead off more easily thus preventing accumulation of water spots on the vehicle. A skilled mobile car detailer will apply either or both of these finishes on your car after giving it a thorough clean.

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