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Water Spot Removal

When dealing with water spots, we use detailing spray to get the job done. Detailing sprays enhance the wax layer or paint sealant on top of your car’s paint. The spray is used to remove water spots that have not been on the car for too long. Water spots that are not removable using detailing spray are removed using paint cleaner. Paint cleaners are specifically made to deal with below the surface defects, such as type two spots.

Clay Bar Treatment

Before waxing or polishing, we first have to clean the vehicle thoroughly. It is difficult to clean or polish surface contamination. A clay bay is used in car detailing to remove common contaminants such as tree sap, paint overspray, and soil from your car’s paint. The contaminants cause unsightly marks or scarring if not properly cleaned before waxing or polishing. The first step before waxing or polishing is to remove dirt from the car exterior and leave it clean and smooth using clay bars to make it ready for waxing.

Before starting the process, we adequately pre-spray the clay bar and vehicle with a lubricant to make the surface slick for gliding the clay. The clay bar needs regular lubrication for smooth gliding on the work area. If the lubrication is not enough, gliding will be difficult and the clay might leave residues, which are problematic to remove. Clay residue causes improper curing of wax and also sticks to the buffer when polishing. After sufficient lubrication, the clay bar smoothens the surface and removes oxidation. All the contaminants stick on the clay to make it ready for polishing or waxing.

clay bar treatment by mobile car detailers
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    Wheels and Chassis

    Cleaning of your car’s chassis and undercarriage should be done when cleaning the exterior of the vehicle. This should include under the car, inside wheel wells, and on major suspension parts such as control arms and anti-roll bars. Inner fender liners and plastic splash guards should be treated with a plastic protectant, while tires and wheels should be thoroughly cleaned before dressing with a protectant to improve their luster and prevent cracking and corrosion.

    mobile detailer cleaning the wheels and tires