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Upholstery Cleaning, Vacuuming and Steam Cleaning

Seat upholstery is among the most sensitive found in the passenger section. Seat coverings have more dirt emanating from skin scales, hair, dust, food spills, or perspiration. Just like there are special upholstery and textile cleaners for home furniture, car seats also have cleaning products specially made for them. The seats are first vacuumed, before we then apply upholstery cleaning foam and rub it off. The process can be repeated depending on the amount of dirt or upholstery material.

Apart from vacuuming, we can also steam clean your car seats. A steam cleaner can clean any type of seat material so long as it has good-quality detergent and the correct attachment. Dye stains stuck on leather seats can be frustrating; however, steam cleaning takes care of the stains instantly. When cleaning, we utilize a triangular attachment and a soft cloth and set the steam cleaner on low. If the material is suede or water-sensitive, we set the steamer such that it uses the least amount of water. It’s always safe to start low and move up when necessary.

Leather and Dashboard Treatments

​​​​Leather elements in your car are more sensitive that seat upholstery. They include leather seats, shift levers, and steering wheels. High end luxurious cars also have leather covering the dashboard. Evidently, leather needs to be cleaned with caution to avoid permanently damaging it. A well-equipped car detailer uses special products in leather care, which are effective in removing deposits and soiling. However, most of these products are not aggressive and only serve to maintain the leather using a sealer formula. Saddle soap, a leather cleaner and leather soap clean all leather components. The soapy areas are cleaned with a damp cloth to eliminate excess soap. After drying, a conditioner is used to complete the job. To ensure more protection for the leather inside your car, you should take your car to a professional more regularly.

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