Mobile Car Detailing

Benefits of Chattanooga's Premier Mobile Car Detailing

Mobile Car detailing is cleaning and restoration of a vehicle to look like new. The service is more labor-intensive and precise than an ordinary mobile car wash. Car washing involves passing the car through an automated system to clean the exterior. Professional car detailing is done manually and it includes interior and exterior detailing services. We provide mobile services where we send trailers and trucks mounted with water tanks to provide our services at our customers’ offices and homes.

How is Mobile Auto Detailing Beneficial to You?

Time Saving

Our mobile auto detailing team visits you at your convenience; you can choose to have the service at home or at your office parking lot. You do not have to drive your car to a detailer’s shop and wait for them to finish the work. Our detailing professional will arrive in your home or office parking lot at the agreed time, armed with all his tools and equipment to do the job satisfactorily. This will give you time to attend to other matters that are more important.

Offers Personalized Services

It is possible to have personalized services with mobile detailing services. We have a variety of detailing packages and you also ask for special services tailored to your preferences. You can ask for cleaning and polishing of the car exterior, vacuum and clean the interior, full detailing, and ozone treatments among other services.

Our professional detailers are proud of their work and always work to offer you personalized service to make you happy. A mobile detailing professional has the knowledge, equipment, and relevant cleaning materials for the job. Mobile car wash services do not provide this level of service.

Work with a Trustworthy Person

When you seek the services of our mobile detailing team, you will find we are trustworthy and hold customer service as our priority. Most people have an attachment to their cars; hence they need someone who will treat their car with respect. You will have peace of mind without worrying about your car getting damaged

Improves your Image

The appearance of your car will improve with regular detailing. A well-maintained car gives a good impression to your prospective customers, co-workers, employer, and friends. It will also help in retaining the value of the car over the years.


The interior of a car is infested with bacteria and germs, which is risky to your health. Car detailing through a method such as steam cleaning removes all health hazards as it reaches the darkest and deepest parts of your car. Steam cleaning kills bacteria and germs upon contact.


It is safe to drive a clean car. Professional detailing services helps eliminate accidents by maintaining crucial areas of the vehicle and keep them functioning well. For example, restored headlights enable you to clearly see the road at night and also make it easier for other drivers to see you while on the road.

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    How does Car Detailing Benefit Your Vehicle?

    Extends its Lifespan – Car detailing eliminates contaminants that damage the vehicle’s vinyl, leather, paint, and chrome. Detailing slows down the car’s depreciation rate.

    Maintains Paint Condition – Your car’s paint is affected by dirt, debris, dust, and other components. Detailing regularly leaves the car with a coat of wax over the paint reducing scratches. Apart from restoring your car’s shine, waxing also provides protection to the car’s paint.

    Extends its Resale Value – A quality detailing job will revamp your car to give it an improved look before selling it. Our experienced professionals know about market standards and expectations; therefore, they will assist in improving the condition of the car. This will enable you fetch a higher value.