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How is odor removed from from a vehicle's interior?

A common cause of car odor is tobacco smoke, which is difficult to remove. Secondhand tobacco smoke contains a chemical known as Phenol; it irritates the respiratory tract and the eyes. Another cause of odor in a car is the build-up of mildew as a result of dampness. Stubborn odors are first cleaned normally before the car detailer applies ozone treatment. The treatment oxidizes phenol gas and effectively neutralizes the odor.

Ozone treatment uses ozone gas (O3) to get rid of bacteria, odors, and viruses. Your car detailer places an ozone generator in the vehicle for a particular time, depending on the intensity of the odor. As the ozone gas seeps into your car, it neutralizes the odor and kills viruses and bacteria. An ozone treatment is the best way to remove stubborn odors from your car. Its most admirable feature is that it can access far under seats, inside vents, fill upholstery fibers, and access all corners. It completely eradicates the odor because ozone gas destroys molecules rather than filtering or masking.

odor removal using an ozone treatment
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